Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pride, Lesbians and Corsets

Just because I moved up to remote corner of Vermont does not mean that I won't find a stage and get my ass up on it! Thank goodness for Pride! They let me do a pair of numbers for the festival yesterday. How did that happen? Well it's kind of surprising how far "I used to perform in New York" gets you once you're out of the city. So yeah... I basically wrote some of the folks who run the thing and said "Hey I'm local now, anything I can do for your Pride?" Having been in the big scary city gives you some hefty clout and I'm damn well going to use it! I'm certainly not above taking advantage of whatever breaks I can get.

Photo by Laura

I did two numbers, one brand new and one tried and true. First I did a brand spanking new number to the classic Aretha Franklin tune "You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman.)" I got an amazing response to that number, and so many compliments. I finished up with Pink's "So What," which I've done a few times and have a ton of fun doing. I didn't get any video of the first number but I uploaded a full video of "So What" for those who care to see right here.

I known for a while but it really reaffirmed for me at this particular pride festival: lesbians LOVE me. Gay men like me well enough, though I suspect I'm not quite draggy enough for most of their tastes (i.e. over the top hair/makeup/gowns/glitter/etc.) But lesbians really dig what I do. I honestly am not entirely sure why, but I kind of love it. There were so many lesbians of all ages (though especially the younger ones) who made an effort to come up and say they liked my act. There were actually two really young girls (looked to me to be around 16 or 17) who found me backstage between numbers and asked if they could hug me. It was one of the most adorable things I'd ever seen and was probably the highlight for the day for me.

Photo by Laura

There was one sour note... I had it undeniably confirmed that I'm getting out of shape. I had to have Laura loosen my corset because it wasn't fitting anymore. I think I'd kind of known I was a little out of shape but was brushing it off... that kind of quantified it. I'm not letting myself get bummed out over it. It just means I need to start working out somewhat. Thinking of lugging the stationary bicycle out of the basement... we'll see if that actually happens or not.

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