Sunday, August 8, 2010

Enjoying the Country

Sometimes the best way to appreciate where you're living is to have somebody visit who lives somewhere totally different. This weekend my best friend (and A-list photographer) Syd London came up to visit my wife and I for a three day weekend from New York City. Her total awe of the environment in which we were living made it me just appreciate being here all the more. And she pointed out things that I didn't even think of. She kept commenting on how big the sky is. In New York the sky is something glimpsed in narrow patches between buildings. Here it stretches on endlessly. The thing she was most excited about? Cows. Seeing and taking pictures of cows (because even on vacation you can't seperate a photographer from her camera.) How awesome is that.

Photo by Laura

It was a pretty laid back weekend really, which is what we all wanted. We took Syd to Burlington and of course made sure the got to see the scenery on the way there and back. Overall though it was just a chance to spend time with a good friend that we left behind when we moved. Laura and I don't play host all that often but it's something I'd love to do more with our friends from out of town.

Photo by Laura

Syd and I did do a little mini-photoshoot (I say mini but she took over 500 pictures.) I'm very excited about it and to be honest for me to mention it here is a bit of a tease. I won't have copies of the pictures for quite a while as Syd has a full plate of work waiting for her back in NYC and I would never expect her to put paying jobs on hold to edit our just for fun shoot. But I'll be sure to let everybody know when the pictures are ready and direct you to where they can be seen and fawned over.

Photo by Laura

Also there's something I had forgotten to mention in my Pride post. Coming back from performing at VT pride I was still all done up, the only thing I took off was my corset. Other than that I was still in complete drag. It was just easier to get changed at home then in the backstage tent. Well when I walked through the door my mother was fixing her dinner. Now my mother has never seen me in drag before. She's fully aware of this side of my life, she knows I perform and that I model. However she had never seen it, either in person or in photographs. So there I was, coming through the door in a mini-skirt, tank top, fishnet stockings, long brunette hair, full make-up and knee-high platform boots. The first words out of her mouth when she saw this was "You're really tall." I don't think I could have asked for a better reaction.

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