Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just to Fill A Little Space

I'll be blunt... this entry is filler. I figure it's extremely important for me to make this blog a weekly thing (at the very least) otherwise it'll just end up fading away just like every other time that I've tried my hand at this. So what do you talk about when you nothing to talk about? Yeah well I kind of suck at that. I'm not a good blogger in general because I censor myself too much. Good blogging seems to be about just letting whatever's on your mind flow free. I don't think people have any interest in my idle thoughts so if there sin't much going on I dont' have much to say.

So with that in mind I thought I'd share a couple of images for the heck of it. Folks might have noticed that I usually say under the picture who the photographer is... and there's just blank space under these ones. Well that's because each is from my earlier days of modeling and performing when I wasn't keeping a great record of who was taking pictures of me. My only concern was that I got copies of the shots that were taken and after that I lost touch with many of the photographers. Having gotten a better appreciation of what photographers do I keep much better track of this stuff now, but there's still these old pictures that I like but can't give credit for.

If anybody is wondering the first image was taken in New York when I performed in a competition show called The Ultimate Drag Off. I performed there twice, I never won but I always had fun. The other was one of my first shoots in Boston, taken in the apartment I was living in at the time. It's funny because that sword rack is completely full now. There's also the deluxe rat cage on the ground where Nicodemus and Mrs. Robinson were living (not sure if they'd had the babies yet at that point.) Brings back memories. Anyways I think I'll leave it at that and wish you all a great week.

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