Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

If there's anything that comes close to a true cross-dresser's holiday it's Halloween. It's the one time of year you can dress basically however you want and it's perfectly ok. Granted if you're in the closet and dress as the opposite gender every year friends might start to wonder but aside from that all bets are off and all looks are welcome. I have to admit that before coming out I wasn't one to use Halloween as a cross-dress day but I know plenty of other dressers who did. For myself I use Halloween as an excuse to break out the costume items that just don't get much use. Let's be honest unless I have a performance number making use of it I don't have much opportunity for things like nurse outfits, maid uniforms, or saloon dancer dresses. Yet I own all of these things. So I have to wear them sometime!

Let's be honest, costumes are just fun! For me I've always been partial to the darker side of things. Not necessarily gory, just macabre. Dark colors, images of death, etc, etc. I guess it's when my inner goth comes out to play. I suppose that's why when I actually did do a Halloween number as a nurse it had to be horrific and twisted BDSM version of a nurse.

This year I went for something a bit more home-made. I ordered a new shirt and a "utility" belt of sorts" but the rest is all stuff I already had. The results: instant Vampire Slayer! It had been my original hope to make use of my chain-mail shirt (yes I own a real chain-mail shirt) but it made me look like a line-backer. Definitely not what I was going for. It did mean though that I got to make use of my weapon's collection which definitely deserves a bit more play that it gets.

Photo by Laura. More picture of this outfit can be seen here.

Hope everybody has a great Halloween and gets to dress up as something fun. Even if only for yourself.


  1. Although we don't celebrate Halloween in Sweden, some of us still find it amusing to dress up and party. I mean, any holiday that gives an excuse to party is a holiday worth celebrating.

    But I agree with you, it is fun to dress up, to take on a role, a character. Something you know better than most as a performer.

    Me? I just wanted to look scary, mixing a scary clown with Tim Burtons version of the joker and just making something, goth I guess..How I looked.

    So, happy Halloween Vera!

  2. Halloween is definitely ideal to let your inner goth to come out and play. And Sarah my kudos to you for being just downright SCARY in that picture.