Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When it Rains it Pours... and You Get Struck by Lightning

I've been trying to do weekly updates on this thing and I've fallen a bit behind. While I don't normally like to make excuses, there has been plenty of reason for that. I told myself when I started this blog I wanted to avoid it me just relaying day to day crap. I feel very strongly that my daily life is dull as hell 90% of the time. That's not a complaint, it's just a fact. I go to work, I come home, I watch tv with my wife, I go to sleep. That's my day most of the time. I also prefer not to use this blog as a place to bitch and moan unless I feel I have a point to make. Well forgive me but this will be a bit of a bitch session, but at this point I need it.

Lately it just feels like an inordinant amount of shit has gone wrong. Not irrevocably wrong, all of it is manageable but all of it happening at once just hasn't been a fun few weeks. Followers of this blog might remember that my wife and I have been working on buying a house, well we're still trying to get it closed. That in and of itself has been an on going headache, seriously trying to get everything that's needed in place is like having a second job (well first job now, but more on that later.)

Photo by Laura

Part of the headache is that because we're buying a foreclosed house the company that owns it puts all kinds condensed timelines and potential penalties in place just because they can. The big one is that if we miss our closing date (which is in less than a week) they will charge us $100 a day. Obviously we've been working our asses off to get finished by the closing date, but there's been an odd delay because of our plumber. A little context: we're getting home improvement costs built into our loan so we have a contractor and a plumper lined up. The plumper was brought in seperate from the general contractor because he came recommended by our realtor. He gave us a quote and everything we needed, he just had to fax a copy of his plumbing liscense to the bank giving us the loan so they could validate him. Well he never did, which seemed odd but whatever so I called him and left him a message asking him to do that. And so did the realtor. And it didn't happen. It never happened. After a week of messages. Well with the deadline coming up we said screw it and got a plumper through our general contractor and now we think we know why he never called back. He underbid the job by about $2000, and probably panicked when he realized that. So now we're lined up with a new plumber through the general contractor and just hoping to have everything sorted out by closing. If we do end up incurring charges for missing the closing I plan to take the first plumper to court because the only reason we're running late is that we were waiting for him.

Yesterday at my job everybody was called into an unexpected meeting. We were told that the office was being closed down effective immediately, peace out and good luck. Maybe not those words but that was the gyst of it. There was a bit of crying in the office from many of the full time permanent employees. Now it makes sense that they were dragging their feet on transitioning me from temp to perm even after six months: permanent works get severance and temps just get sent back to their placement agencies. This one is more a nuasance than anything else, and thankfully not as derailing as job loss can be. Because our lending officer working on our home loan knew my job was still technically a temp position my income was never factored in when our loan terms were set up. So thankfully this doesn't affect the purchase of the house. It does put me back on umemployment and back on the job hunt. Work isn't exactly plentiful around here, and with the office shut down there's now 50 other people with similar qualifications and experience to me also looking for jobs.

And to round out the week I hit a deer coming back from the cast party with Laura on Sunday. I've never hit a deer before and when people say that at night they come out of nowhere it is not an exaggeration. While I'm very grateful that neither myself or Laura were hurt and the car sustained minimal damage it still shook me up rather badly. To see a deer bounce off the front fender of your car is frankly a little traumatic. And I use the word bounce literally, the deer flew off onto the side of the road in a way that was almost cartoonish... which somehow made it more horrifying.

I'm hoping that the rule of three applies and that this week will basically fill my bad shit quota for a while. Sorry this turned into a "poor me" mope-fest but sometimes you just have to get it out. Hopefully something a little more cheery next time around.

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