Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Care to share some champagne with me to ring in the New Year?

Well 2010 was a bit of a roller coaster it has to be said. I lost my job (twice) and left New York. Laura and I have now have relocated to the part of the country we plan to remain in but haven't really completely settled in yet. We have a house but only after jumping through more twisted hoops than we even knew existed. We've started making new friends but are still finding our footing as far as having a social life goes. However for all the annoyances we suffered through at the end of it all it's been a pretty possitive year. And hopefully it's laid the foundation of a prosperous 2011.

Generally I don't do resolutions (not formally anyways) but there are a few things I hope to achieve or change in the coming year. For starters I have GOT to get a work out routine and stick to it. I refuse to be forced to loosen by corset anymore than it already it. Secondly I want to try to find some more opportunities to perform or at least go out in dress. Since leaving New York I've done a few shoots but only performed twice (once at VT Pride and once on a return visit to Brooklyn.) I know that performance opportunities up here are few and far between, and I'll probably have to commute a ways for them. However I just don't want to feel like this part of my life ended because I moved. I hope to get over to Burlington for a Drag Ball in February and I might try to advertise my services as a performer for private events like birthdays or bachelorette parties. I haven't done private parties in a long time but they can be fun (they can also be nightmares but what can you do?) If I'm not able to get out more I suspect I'll probably just end up doing more home shoots as a way to vent (that's not a resolution, just a general statement.) Well anyways I hope everybody had a great New Year's Eve and Day. May 2011 bring you wonderful things!

Now who wants to pop the cork?


  1. Happy New Year
    I just found your blog. It is an enjoyable and interesting read.
    I always like to read people who approach who they are and how the live their lives in an honest fashion.
    I must also add that I really like your regular use of the word 'dresser'. That is pretty much how I like to see myself.
    I am just an older happily married guy with a house, family, job, regular guy life who just happens to really like dressing. I do not feel 'cross' when I dress. To the contrary, dressing makes me happy. Likewise I do not feel 'trans' when I dress. I am the same person regardless of my attire. I do not find that my clothes change the core being.
    I do hope to check in with you from time to time.
    Good luck and enjoy those nice Vt. winters.

  2. Pat, thanks for your kinds words. I'm glad you enjoy what I write and I hope you'll comment in the future as well.