Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Mark the Occassion

I'm coming to realization that I'm rapidly approaching 1,000,000 views on my Flickr photostream. This really feels like something that I should do something for. Something to mark the occassion. The problem is that I'm absolutely stuck for what to do. I'd hate to do something as generic as just adding text to a picture saying "1,000,000 Views!" or some such crap. Guess I'm just not great at these kinds of ideas.

I've considered putting out the call to my contacts on Flickr and Facebook for suggestions. Frankly it's something I'm hesitant to do because I have a strong feeling I'm going to be flooded with requests to go full nude or otherwise indulge in somebody's fetish. Then again amongst all that there might just be a suggestion that's worth doing... well we'll see if I get that desperate or not.

In other news I just want to vent quickly about how much I want to punch our old neighbors from NYC. Recently our mail forwarding stopped which means that some junk mail and solicitations probably turned up at the old address. Well one of our neighbors took it upon themselves to use the info they found in those to open up several credit accounts in my wife's name. We know it's them because they were stupid enough to list their address and give their real name as an assigned "authorized user." Thankfully Laura was able to get in touch with everybody and make clear that these were not initiated by her and we've filed a police report. We seem to have caught it early enough that it shouldn't impact her credit (thank god we closed on the house before this crap started.) I just wish I could be there when the cops knock on their door with a warrant. Fuckers.

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