Monday, March 21, 2011

Maintenance (aka Shaving)

For many dressers there's a fairly basic question in regards to how far do they take their commitment to dressing. It really comes down to one thing: to shave or not to shave? Obviously I'm not just talking about the face here. For many dressers who are in the closet it's something they choose not to do for fear of discovery. While this is a genuine concern I think in many ways it's a fear that is a bit overblown for many dressers. I've known more than a few who were convinced that if they ever shaved their legs that everybody would know they cross dressed. In all honesty though I think it's only a concern if it's something you're keeping from a person you're intimate with. Because the general public either isn't going to see your legs at all or even if they do is unlikely to jump to that conclusion. With the popularity of "man-scaping" and the fact that people who are seriously into swimming will body shave it's doubtful that people will spot a many with shaved legs (say at the beach) and think "that guy wears dresses!"

For myself I had started shaving regularly a little bit before I started to go out in public in dress. I had dabbled in shaving while in college but hadn't kept up with it. For myself I know that I'm quite lucky in this department. While my legs and armpits need regular attention I actually have very little body hair to speak of anywhere else. The hair on my arms is not dark and I have almost no chest hair to speak of. There is always the question of whether or not to shave the more private areas and personally I opt not to do that, though basic trimming is something I'd recommend whether you're a crossdresser or not.

Earlier on I used to have a separate lady's razor that I used for my legs. However I've learned more recently that there really is very little difference between a men's face razor and a lady's leg razor (dispite what TV comercials would have you believe.) So now I just use the one razor and it saves me always having to buy two sets of blades, because frankly that stuff isn't cheap. I've also learned that you don't really need any of those shaving creams for women either. I'll grant they help in the early days because it makes it easier to see what's been finished and all that. But once I got the hang of it I found that soap worked just as well (I use Dove so it doesn't dry my legs out the way other brands of soap might do.)

On a random note the thing that I found most surprising about shaving my legs was how cold they got. Part of it was that I first started in winter but seriously you'll be amazed how much warmth that little layer of hair actually gives you, because you definitely notice it once it's gone! I guess that about covers my thoughts on this topic, so until next time.


  1. I could be luckier on the body hair front, but I do shave my chest. My real area of difficulty is my face. (This is my recount of some experiments gone wrong - maybe you'll have a laugh... it's funny now but at the time it was pretty tragic... :) ). Most of the women's shaving creams bother my skin actually, so I just use the really cheap Barbasol shaving cream I grew up using on my face because it seems to work better than any of the expensive stuff for me. My current strategy on my facial hair is that I do a lot of tweezing and epilating a few days before I go out, and then shave the day of. I'm seriously considering getting laser hair removal though (dark beard hairs on a lighter complexion... the roots show through even when I shave REALLY good...). It's always interesting to hear what other people do! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I've found that the closer I try to shave the worse it looks. Plus my facial hair is largely White.

    No, Not gray ; )

    I absolutely must be completely shaved to dress up. Well, I kinda like a "Landing Strip"!

    It is very time consuming for me to manage it regularly. Which has a lot to do with how often I dress.

  3. The Landing Strip is always fun when I have the time to bother with it.