Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reminiscing on New York

Every now and then I find that people get very puzzled about the fact that I moved from New York City to a rinky dink little two in Vermont. They don't understand why I'd leave a city like that at all, and given my dressing and performance ambitions it would seem to make even less sense. No to be blunt most of the reasons my wife and I left the city were completely seperate from my dressing but I'm going to focus on the city experience from that viewpoint, after all that's what this blog is about.

Me at one of the many Trans Nights to be found in the city.

One of the worst things about New York in general is also one of the best things about it from the perspective of being a dresser: nobody gives a crap about anybody else. The downside to this is that it renders the vast majority of New Yorkers apathetic assholes. All they see you as is an obsticle in their way, if they see you at all. I've always said the city is great but the people there suck. The flip side to this is that it makes going out dressed in public much more feasible because as noted: nobody gives a crap. It's taking advantage of one of the annoyances of the city, people just don't give a damn if somebody is walking down the street in drag. That said it's not a total free reign, like any large city there are some areas safer than others, but as a rule people just don't give a damn.
And of course the other benefit of a big city is that one is more likely to find those who are like-minded, simply by virtue of there being more people around. I have mentioned how most of the people in New York suck, and I stand by that. But the people I met who didn't were incredible, few they were. And of course there were far more gatherings of dressers and drag queens than can be found in more rural areas. Where I am know there's Pride... a drag ball... and that's about it, so roughly two gatherings of note per year.
As mentioned the reasons for leaving New York weren't dressing related. The big one was financial. One of the big problems with New York is that it's so expensive to live there that you probably can't afford to do many of the great things the city has to offer. After four years Laura and I had felt we'd gotten everything we were going to get out of living in the city and it was time to move on. We're very happy where we are, and while I may miss certain things about NYC, those moments are fleeting. I would encourage anyone who feels inclined to visit, or even move there for a few years. But don't stay too long, or you'll never get out.

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