Friday, July 22, 2011

Time for Pride Again!

I'm not really sure why I had thought I'd get back down to NYC every few months to see friends and do a show. I think it was just the little lie I told myself to make leaving the city a little easier, since friends and performing were the only things I was going to miss. I've come to terms with the fact that isn't really in the cards, and I'll be lucky to get down there once a year. The point being that my excitement at being able to perform in VT Pride is extremely high.

Image taken from a video my wife Laura took from last year's Pride.

Details for the Pride Festival are here but the short version is that performances start at 1pm at Battery Park in Burlington. Yes it's suppused to be blazing hot but it's right by the lake so there might be a nice breeze coming off the water... god I hope so. I'll be doing two numbers, one of my old favorites and also a brand new one. Hope to see anybody in the area come out for the fun!

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