Saturday, August 20, 2011

Child's Play

Well I said that I wasn't sure if I would bring up my daughter again on this blog (who's arrival date is fast approaching) but this struck me as something worth sharing. I had mentioned previously that I have no intention of hiding my dressing from my daughter. The last thing I want to do is inadvertantly teach her that you must hide what you are. However the issue was how to introduce all of this to her in a way that would go smoothly.

The concern has never been about her but about other kids and other people in general. Because little kids love to talk and love to share, which means that inevitably she would tell some friend or teacher or somebody else that her daddy dresses like a girl. And that's where the problems would arise, because it would open her up to be picked on and judged for something that I do. It's not fair but it is a reality, if there's something different about a child the other kids will make her miserable for it. So we want to minimize the chances of that while still being open and honest with her. We don't want to have her know but keep it a secret. First off that's unrealistic and secondly it's instilling a sense of shame or that there's something wrong with our family.

The solution we have struck upon is to treat it as a game, and one that the whole family takes part in. This will work very well for me since I don't live my day to day life in dress, it is rather something that I do for myself on occasion. So on those occasions it will be "dress up time" for the whole family. My wife will dress up in some outfit or costume and our daughter will get to dress up however she wants and play. Doubtless there will even be times when I dress in some outfit that is not drag. This makes it so rather than "daddy wears a dress at home" it becomes "we play dress up together."

A glimpse into my own childhood dress up time with the neighbor's kids.

Doubtless as she grows older there will eventually be questions about why I dress as a woman but at least by them (hopefully) she won't feel that there's something wrong with that. Off to the baby shower soon. Wanted to share this plan just in case there is anybody else out there who might benefit from the idea.

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