Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Well let me say up front that I didn't have the time to do a Halloween photo-shoot this year.  Between the new baby and the fact that I was coming up on empty on a costumer idea it just didn't happen.  Sorry folks.

That said this was the first Halloween in the house so it was quite an exciting experience already.  We really have struck out as far as trick or treaters go in previous years.  First we were at an apartment complex near Boston, which frankly had too many empty apartments and not enough kids.  Then we were in New York and not only were they not many kids but what few there were acted like total brats with their disinterested parents on their cell phones.  Depressing.

Not this year though, not only are there plenty of kids in our town but we also happen to live in a really prime location.  We're viewable from one of the main roads, which was thus also one of the primary trick or treating routes.  Kids of all ages came up, some on their own and some supervised and it was just a fun experience.  We sat out on the porch with the baby and the dog, the latter of whom we put in a balerina hippo costume much to her dismay.

Neither my wife nor myself were in any kind of costume, she didn't really have anything and coming from work I didn't really have the time or energy.  The kids costumes were all over the place, from the instantly identifiable to the "what the heck" randomness of kids with just colored face paint and matching clothes.  I'm happy to say there wasn't an overflow of hookerish clothes on the young girls... though it was unnerving when it did happen. 

Of course the dresser in me couldn't help but smile at the occassional gender bending costume.  One of the first I saw was a young boy in a pink tutu.  I'm sure it was a joke but it made me smile anyways.  There were also more than a few girls who had mustaches, most were being the Devil though there was a girl being a boy pirate as well.  Just a reminder that even at a young age Halloween is practically the crossdresser's national holiday.  Hope you're was fun!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #8: Corsets, Padding & Hips

I told you there was more coming!  I keep my promises.  We talked curves before, but last time it was the bust.  This time it all about hips.  Vital stuff and there's a few different approaches so I try to cover all the bases.  Hope it helps!