Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Post?

Ok I'll get right to the point. I'm considering dropping the blog. Judging by the view tracking nobody is really reading this anymore. Now that in and of itself shouldn't be a reason to stop if I still have something to say. The problem honestly is me. This has just become a dumping ground for the videos I've been doing and I haven't been using it for anything other than that, and given that I have many more Youtube subscribers than followers here it feels redundant.

I have a hard time believing that there's anybody who's following me here who isn't also watching my Flickr photostream or Youtube channel or Deviant Art page or Tumblr account. And given the fact that there's nothing unique I'm doing with this blog I'm not given anybody a reason to follow it rather than those other sites I'm more active on. So unless I hear otherwise this will likely be the last post.

Don't panic I'm not deleting what's already here, that will stay up. And who knows I might change my mind and come back to this. But for the time being this is probably going to be goodbye.  Thanks to all who've been reading.


  1. I have enjoyed reading the blog, but have also hung up my hat on my own blog(s) from time to time. Good luck on all of your other ventures!

  2. I just came to know about your blog from your youtube profile.

    You are doing a good job with videos and blogs.

    I just thought of letting you know about a crossdressing social network

    Hope you will like it.

  3. Hi, Vera, I'd really not want to lose your online blog, but you are right that it doesn't make sense to talk about the same thing.

    Maybe you only have a few readers saying "we saw this before", but you never know how many actually didn't.

    I find that when I get visitors to my blog or Youtube, I am surprised with how many videos they didn't see or how many of my blog posts they didn't read.

    So it may be redundant for some, but not for others.

    How about turning this into a diary section? I make notes each day in my diary section of the blog that sometimes just reflect my thoughts and may not have anything to do with my videos.

    Here it is

    I really like you. I talk about you even sometimes. My dream is to see you wear hosiery all the time! Well, that's in my dreams. :)