Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Huge Sigh of Relief

This election made me nervous. I try to not get political in my drag life because I like to keep things fun, and politics is always a downer these days. However I have express my relief at the presidential results. I'm too tired now to look into the senate races but I'm hoping we didn't get screwed on that end of things as well.

I'm not just saying this for myself. Since my daughter's birth I worry about the world that she's coming into. With the republican party as a whole targeting women's rights and preying on fear of gays the idea of them coming into power scares me much more than it used to. Maybe it's that the party as a whole has just become scarier or maybe it's because I'm not just thinking of myself. I know I'm tough and I can take whatever they want to throw at me but I shouldn't have to worry that my baby girl will have few rights because of who came to power.

Again, I try to not get overly political because that's not who I am by nature. I'm a very live and let live type. And when it comes to fiscal conservatives, while I may not agree, I feel like I can have a conversation. Social conservatives however scare the ever loving shit out of me. I don't understand how you would want to wield the wonderful democracy of this country as a weapon to oppress a group you don't like. And given that most social conservatives are highly religious I have to ask: if you think people are going to hell for being gay/bi/trans/single mothers/etc then isn't that enough? If you really believe that God will punish these people later on then why do you feel the need to punish them yourself now?

Ok... that got a little ranty. But it's late, I'm tired and this stuff drives me nuts. For perhaps a more concise summary of my views see below: