Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Just Here to Say that I Have Nothing to Say

I wasn't going to talk about the election. But given that the last few times I've actually made use of this blog it was with political leanings I came to the conclusion that my silence was a bit too conspicuous. That said, I have very little to say about what happened, and this is mostly an explanation of why that is the case.

If you were to go by my social media activities (youtube, facebook, instagram, etc.) you might not even realize that there was an election. So let me put it on record here, to be clear: I'm not happy. I am however very very very very tired. I've had to minimize my time on Facebook because if I spend more than 5 minute browsing my feed I frankly get almost too depressed to function. I can't talk politics right now, I can't watch other people talking politics, and I can't listen to the news. I'm not in denial, I know what happened and I understand the implications of it and I'm aware of how bad things could get from here. However I simply can't go down that hole right now, because I don't think I'd have the strength to pull myself out of it. It's self preservation, and I recognize the selfishness in that. But I'm of no use to anybody anywhere if I shut down because I've let the dread take over.

I hope people will recognize my continuing my normal output of pictures, videos, etc. as what it is: an attempt to offer some normalcy. That is NOT the same as normalizing Trump as president. But as much as I know that I've been grasping at the things that bring me joy and holding on for dear life, it's my hope that maintaining my usual output could possibly be that for somebody else. It doesn't mean I'm ignoring what's going on, it means that I need parts of my life to be as minimally impacted by it as possible. Because if I let this darkness touch every part of my life then I risk extinguishing all of the light, of sapping out the joy that I need to keep going.

So no, I'm not going to be commenting, sharing, retweeting or otherwise involving myself in the political climate of social media for the foreseeable future. That doesn't mean I'm burying my head in the sand or not watching, but I need to keep a certain distance for my own sanity. But also, please do not mistake social media silence for complacency. I'm not sitting idle. I am finding ways to help, causes to donate to, people to be sure I'm there for who I know are vulnerable. But I'm not going to talk about it on social media. I'm too tired to shout, but not too tired to act.

I have nothing to say, but I have so much to do.