Friday, May 5, 2017

The GOP is Not the Problem

Ok, so it's been a while, as tends to happen. And for whatever reason I'm going to get political again. I don't know why I use this as outlet for these thoughts. I think because when I've really got something I've put a lot of thought or energy into I don't like seeing it just fade into the background of my Facebook wall. This feels more like a proper record of things.
I find myself being angrier in general. And I don't like that. I don't like being confrontational. I've always liked to think that I'm not that kind of person by nature. But I'm becoming that. Events on the political landscape are bringing that out of me, a little more every day. And it seems to be the case for many others I know. However I see so much hatred being spat at the opposition, and there's another contingent that I feel is at least at equal, if not greater fault. Because there will always be people on the right pushing for diminished social programs and civil rights. That is never going to go away. But there's something else that I see that is causing me greater rage right now.
I'm seeing so many people putting up equivalent "If you voted for Trump/the GOP, you might as well unfriend me" posts. Basically throwing the blame at anybody they know who might be directly supporting what's going on in Washington right now. Allow me to offer a variant view.
If you voted for Trump or a Republican representative, I'm disappointed and confused. But I'm not mad at you. We didn't agree before. We're not going to agree now. Hate won't help.
However, if you take issue with Trump or the GOP or the healthcare bill that just cleared the house or any of that, and you didn't vote in November, or you don't vote in local elections, or you stay home during the mid-terms, then it is you who I am pissed at.
The next person who posts an equivalent of "I'm sure this won't clear the senate," or "I don't think we need to freak out about this," or "don't worry, we'll get through this" is getting my size 12 pointy toed boot embedded into the side of their complacent ass. It doesn't matter if it doesn't clear the senate, it shouldn't have gotten this far! We do need to freak out about this, because staying calm is how we "learn to live with it" and we should not be accepting any of this as ok. And no, we won't all get through this because people could lose their medical coverage (or be priced out of being able to use it) and die as a result.
If you're claiming to agree that these things are problems while simultaneously telling the rest of us to keep our heads cool, I'm telling you right now that YOU are the fucking problem. And you can go ahead an unfriend/unfollow/block me. Because fuck you.